Gambling Addiction:  Crossing the line and becoming a compulsive gambler can happen to anybody.  Going to a casino seemed like a fun time for this former patient.  The first time was very uneventful as he managed to play the slots very conservatively.  He would play one quarter and enjoyed the sight and sounds of the one armed bandits.

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Gambling Addiction: It can easily happen to you!

The next time was quite different.  He sat at a slot machine again playing very cautiously with his hard earned money.  After a few spins he seemed to have hit something big, but unfortunately for him it wasn’t the case.  He stared at the line showing jackpot, jackpot, jackpot!  Was the machine broken?  He called the attendant over to help figure out what was going on.  The attendant quickly pointed out that he had only played one quarter and that if he had put three quarters in he would have won the jackpot of $2, 500.00.  This was a real downer and put quite a damper on the rest of the evening.

As he drove home he couldn’t get the thought out of his head of what could have been.  $2, 500.00 would have been so nice to have and for only an extra measly 50 cents!  “I won’t let that happen again, how could I be such a cheapskate” were some of the things running through his mind.

Soon after this experience, he decided to make a trip to the casino by himself.  He would now play the three quarters needed to win the jackpot.  $350.00 came to him within three hours of arriving.  He felt great.  Then as he walked around he noticed that there were penny machines.  He gave it a try but learned that if you played more lines you would have a better chance at winning.  The problem is that a penny machine for him quickly turned into a $1.50 spin to cover all the ways of winning.  Before long he was carefree with his money. He thought since he won big earlier and that he wasn’t really gambling with his money.

Gambling Addiction: Crossing the Line

He managed to leave the casino that night up $75.00.  But he would soon return and begin a long losing streak always thinking the machine has got to hit sooner or later.  Once in awhile this would happen but in the long run he was down big (thousands of dollars).   But what started out as cautious betting turned into reckless spending. What had happened? He somehow crossed that line into addiction.  A recent story demonstrates the hell of a gambling addiction.

A simple trip to the casino for a fun time turned into a horrible gambling addiction.  Moreover, crossing the line happened quickly for this young man and it can happen to anyone in a blink of an eye.

Gambling Addiction: Crossing the Line
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