Gambling Addiction Inpatient.   Let’s Talk about It.

So often it is very evident that a loved one is suffering from an addiction.  But in many instances friends and family tend to shy away from talking about it.  Perhaps they worry that a conversation will lead to an argument.  Maybe this is exactly what happened the last time you tried to address your concerns with a loved one.

Communicating with a loved one about their addiction is not easy.  Sometimes the addict will be ready to listen and at other times he or she might be not at all open to hearing what you have to say.  It is unknown how someone will respond.  But if you do not give it a try then you’ll never know.  So, if you can send a clear message that you care about the person and how their addiction is affecting you then you have done your best.

Gambling Addiction Inpatient: We Cannot Ignore Away an Addiction.

In many instances the addict will be defensive when confronted.  Hence, often starting an argument.  The point here to make is that it is likely that they may be fearful of how things will play out if they choose to get help.  Stopping an addiction “is no picnic”.   Addiction is a physical, mental and emotional disease.   A compulsive gambler may actually feel physical symptoms associated with stopping.  These symptoms, along with the mental and emotional anguish are not pleasant.  But by acknowledging this to your loved one and hopefully ensuring that they will get proper medical help might ease some of the fears.

One recent article discusses the importance of talking about addiction.  The article points out that addiction is a medical condition and should be treated as such.  Additionally, the idea of showing compassion to the addict is emphasized and that one should not feel ashamed for having an addiction.  So let’s all be open to a dialog that leads improved health for everyone!

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Gambling Addiction Inpatient: A Casual Conversation Can Be a Great Step Towards Helping a Loved One!

Gambling Addiction Inpatient: Let’s Talk about It
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