Gambling Addiction Programs:  Humor

Laughter is the best medicine for this former patient.  How could entering a rehab be a funny thing?  Believe it or not treatment can be a good experience.  You just never know the characters you will meet.  Men, women, young adults and older adults are all part of the mix.  When you get these folks together who are from all walks of life treatment can be real interesting!

There was one man in treatment who had never heard of Gamblers Anonymous.  He told the story of his first introduction to GA.  He was at a bar and his friend asked him if he would like to go to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting.  “What’s Gamblers Anonymous?” he asked his buddy.  His friend replied “it is a place where people get together to talk about gambling.  In addition, there is also free coffee and cookies sometimes.”  This intrigued the man who then said, “let’s get some scratch tickets and head over!”  They were greeted at the door with a smiling face.  The greeter said they were welcomed to come in and grab a coffee.  But they had to leave the tickets outside.  His friend left out one important detail.  GA is a place where people discuss how to not gamble!

Gambling Addiction Programs: Humor

People have so many misconceptions about GA.  One patient thought that she would be kicked out if she didn’t go every night.  No they do not take attendance at meetings.  One patient was so happy to hear that there were not any rules in GA.  He said “I had enough  rules at home with my old lady!”  That is not the proper way to label someone’s wife but that’s how he addressed her.

Gambling Addiction Programs Humor,laughter

Gambling Addiction Programs: Humor. Laughter is the best medicine!

So treatment centers have people from all backgrounds.  A recent article discusses a comedian who is now a recovering alcoholic.  Also there are lawyers, doctors and teachers in recovery to mention a few.   One probably wonders how these people got there degrees and certificates to practice.  One patient often joked that they must have gotten their licenses from a crackerjack box!  Another talked about his new diet.  “I drink alcohol, gamble and never eat.  So far I lost 10 pounds, my driver’s license and my life’s savings!”  But whatever the case may be, it is sometimes beneficial to make light of a serious situation.  Otherwise everything would be doom and gloom.  Get help and make the best of it. Most importantly, laugh a little!  It surely can make a difference.


Gambling Addiction Programs: Humor
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