Gambling Addiction Residential Programs sometimes explain the stages of how a person can change and recover from his or her addiction through a program called SMART Recovery.  SMART Recovery uses the five stages of change that an addict will go through.

The Stages are as follows:

Stage one is Pre-Contemplation.  The next stage is Contemplation. The third is Preparation.  Stage four is the Action Stage and stage five is the Maintenance Stage.

Gambling Addiction Residential Programs and Change,stages

Gambling Addiction Residential Programs will help you make the right choices.

So, let’s discuss what the Pre-Contemplation stage means for the addict.  In this stage the person thinks that recovery sounds like a good idea.  Many times during this period they are being forced to stop their addiction by their family or friends.  But then he or she has the thought that they don’t have a problem because they can stop whenever they want.   Therefore, they continue on with their addiction.

Next, the person experiences the Contemplation Stage.  In this stage, one might have mixed feelings about their addiction.  For instance, maybe my family is right but I am not ready yet so the person chooses to stay in their addiction.

Now the addict goes into the third stage of change call the Preparation Stage.  He or she realizes that as much as they are afraid to change something has to be done differently.  Their addiction is causing problems and they need to change the way they are living.  So, they gather information on how to stop gambling.  They are making small steps towards recovery during this stage.  Perhaps they contact a treatment center, they might see a therapist or they might even attend a Gamblers Anonymous meeting.  But they just can’t stop gambling yet.

At this time, they experience, stage four, the Action Stage of Recovery.  In this moment, the person realizes they want to change and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make this happen. They may get a counselor or go into an inpatient treatment program for their addiction.  The neat thing about this stage is that others begin to see these new changes.  Someone may comment to them that they look better.  Finally, stage five is the Maintenance Stage when the person continues doing the things to live a healthy and happy life.

Gambling Addiction Residential Programs Help Those Who Are Willing to Change!

A recent article discusses the effects of a gambling addiction.  It explains the terrible impact that problem gambling has on the family. So, if you are considering making a change be aware that you may go through these stages but that the choice to take action is the right choice for you and your family.

Gambling Addiction Residential Programs and Change
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