Gambling Addictions Rehab:  Recovery During the Holidays

The holidays are stressful and adding an addiction to the mix can make these times even more challenging.  But if you are in recovery then this time of year can be very joyful.  You will no longer have to gamble away money during the holidays.  More importantly, you will have the ability to spend quality time with your loved ones.

This is not to say that the holidays are always easy for someone in recovery.  The temptation to gamble can be at the forefront of someone’s mind especially when others are celebrating.  The key to getting through this period, without gambling, is to always have a plan.   One great idea is to attend a twelve step meeting or other support group.  A Gambling Addictions Rehab allows therapists to convey this message to their clients.  But there are countless numbers of people who just don’t get this message.  If a person in recovery plans their day around a meeting then they will increase their chances of not gambling one more day.  Enlisting the help of a friend or sponsor will also help you be successful.

Being alone is the worst idea for an addict.  Many times an addiction has damaged relationships with family and friends.  In early recovery these fences might not be mended yet and the addict may not be welcomed during the holidays.  People can easily have pity on themselves and before they know it they are back to the casinos or other forms of gambling.   So, it is important to build a recovery support network and utilize this network during such potentially challenging times.

Gambling Addictions Rehab: Enjoy the Holidays!

One recent article provides tips for those in recovery.  Gamblers often become depressed with their financial woes during this time of year.   There are several suggestions that just might help guide you through this time of season.  It may not be easy but it can be done! For people living in the recovery community it is just another day, another 24 hours of not gambling.  If you can do this then you will build fond holiday memories!

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Gambling Addictions Rehab: Recovery During the Holidays. A Time to Make Great Memories!


Gambling Addictions Rehab: Recovery During the Holidays
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