Gambling Quit Line-What is It?

If you have concern about a loved one then you might want to start by calling a gambling quit line.  Many times people think of such lines as only being for the gambler themselves.  But these types of help lines can value not only the gambler but their loved ones.  One recent article discusses how slot machines can ruin so many lives.

Gambling Quit Line: What is It?

Gambling Quit Line: Video slots can ruin your finances!

Often the active gambler is not ready to stop their addiction to gambling.  But despite not being ready to quit,  calling a help line just might plant a seed for them to realize that there is hope and a way out of their gambling addiction.  One former patient did reach out to a gambling quit line while at a casino.  He certainly was not ready to quit but needed to talk to someone.   He had spent most of his money and was fearful he would not have enough to get home.  The person on the other end of the line helped him to leave that night and make it home safely.

This patient never forgot the caring and understanding of that person and when he was ready to stop he called back.  He spoke with a different fellow who steered him in the direction of a treatment center.  He was very grateful for the help he got from two strangers whom he had never met.  Now, he has been living gamble free for over five years.

Gambling Quit Line: Make the Call!

When an active gambler is not ready to stop, it is beneficial for family members or other loved ones to call a gambling quit line.  Again this is a resource that can give tips on what the person can do to help the person they are concerned for.  For example, how to approach the subject in a caring way and how to express themselves without turning off the gambler.  There may be several other questions that these types of help lines can address.

Whatever your concerns might be, please realize that gambling quit lines can be very beneficial to a number of people.   It might be a start to a better way of living despite who is the one actually making the call.


Gambling Quit Line-What is It?
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