Gambling Recovery Center:  The Lure of Casinos

Gambling Recovery Center: The Lure of Casinos

Gambling Recovery Center: Casinos can look so attractive “in the beginning”.

Casinos can be one of the most deadly forms of gambling.   Many times casinos will send you free vouchers to gamble with just to get you there. Then once you are there the lights and sounds of the machines can be very luring to most.   ATM’s are easily accessible so getting money, if you have it, is never a problem.

Spending the day at a casino is usually fun and relaxing in the beginning.  Many people will budget their money and when they lose they will head out or grab a bite to eat.  This was one former patient’s experience “in the beginning”.  Then the first time she ran out of cash she realized she could take out a cash advance on her credit card.   Her thought was it’s just a few hundred dollars and maybe she could win what she had lost.  She continued this pattern.  It was within six months that she became a compulsive gambler and had gone into debt.  One recent article discusses how tempting casinos can be especially if you are a compulsive gambler.

Gambling Recovery Center: Don’t Let Casinos be your Downfall!

One of the challenges of the slot machines at the casino is the “almost” jackpot.  Just one reel away from winning the big one and thinking it’s going to happen, “I can feel it”.  Another big attraction to these machines is that even when you lose it sounds like you won, but before you know it you are putting another twenty dollar bill in the machine.   The bonus rounds are another appeal to gamblers.  People will keep putting money into the machine just to get to the bonus round.  Before long they have lost a ton and are still pouring money into the machines.

The former patient mentioned earlier tried to quit on her own but to not avail.  It wasn’t until she entered a Gambling Recovery Center that she became successful at quitting gambling for good.  Gambling almost ruined her life and casinos were her downfall.   So the next time you get one of those “free” vouchers please realize they might not be so free!

Gambling Recovery Center: The Lure of Casinos
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