Gambling Residential Treatment-Labeling People

I recently had a friend enter a treatment facility for gambling.  Some of the people in our inner circle recognized that he was having a very difficult time with this.  One particular friend constantly referred to him as “rehab”.  Obviously that was not his name but he seemed to think it was funny.  But that kind of labeling was very hurtful to my friend and his loved ones.  Others referred to him as an addict, a degenerate, or a compulsive gambling junkie.  These labels were also disrespectful.

The fact of the matter was that my friend was suffering a great deal.  His life was in shambles and his overall health was deteriorating before our eyes.  So, the idea that he was seeking treatment was a huge relief for his family and friends.  But showing some compassion just by changing the words some used to describe his predicament really could send a more positive message.

One article discusses how the more proper way to describe a person’s condition is considering using the phrase “substance use disorder” or for the gambler, “a gambling disorder”.  The article goes even further by adding a person with a gambling disorder. The article refers to this as the “person first language”.  This reminds me of when I used to work with children with autism.  I would often hear colleagues or others refer to a student as the autistic child.  This type of labeling was very offensive to me and many others.  That is why educating people about the words and phrases we use to describe someone is so important.

Let’s Respect the Person with an Addiction!

The gambling residential treatment center focused on the person being treated.  It was a nice way of respecting the clients’ needs.  The last thing in the world that someone who is seeking treatment is to have some sort of negative connotation about themselves.   So if we start by changing our words it can make a positive difference to helping someone on the road to recovery.

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Gambling Residential Treatment: Labeling People the proper way can increase self esteem.

Gambling Residential Treatment-Labeling People
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