Go to any casino and look around and listen;  Smiling, laughing folks taking a chance at the poker tables, roulette and the slots, the buzz of excitement is in the air. Did you know that in that crowd, there may be a several players who are not enjoying themselves at all?  What’s going on with them? It is not always clear, but that is the reality for millions who gamble regularly to the point of obsession and compulsion.

One former patient discussed how he would be down more than a thousand dollars and on one spin of the slot machine would be back at even money again. Most people would be ecstatic to break even from that sort of streak of bad luck.  Furthermore, most people would get the hell out of there as quickly as possible!  They would be relieved to have come back from disaster, but not this former high-stakes slots player…

When It Comes to Gambling It’s All Random and Luck Has Nothing to do With It!

His mindset was such that he felt because of his $500 loss the week before, he had to play until he won that back. At first, he would say to himself that he would only gamble with a few hundred dollars and then stop.  Yet before long he had lost that $200 and began dipping into what he had left.  He thought his luck would just HAVE to change again. But when it comes to gambling it’s all random and luck has nothing to do with it!

Unfortunately, this is how a compulsive gambler plays. In addition, imagine this former client winning back a thousand dollars, breaking even, blowing that money away too, then taking out more money from the ATM. That is exactly what happened and the thrill of winning just hours ago turned into one of the most unpleasant experiences at the casino.  Now imagine this happening every time the person goes to the casino; yet they keep returning to live the nightmare time after time. This is what happens and it is inevitable and ultimately tragic.  A recent article tells of one casino dealer who sees this happen quite regularly.  So, if you are on the merry-go-round and stuck going round and round, get off the ride and start enjoying life again!


Gambling, When the Thrill is Gone

Gambling, When the Thrill is Gone. One former patient exclaimed, “If it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all!”



Gambling, When the Thrill is Gone
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