One of the most difficult decisions for an active alcoholic/addict is to seek out treatment and commit to getting help. How many times have you heard a loved one say that I am sorry, I want help and I will not drink or drug ever again? Yet, either that same day or the next day or so, they are at it again! This is why so many Virginians seek alcohol treatment in Virginia.   A recent article highlights the the impact an active user has on the family and how going into treatment increases the chances of remaining clean and sober.

harm cause by addiction

A 2010 study asked drug-harm experts to rank various illegal and legal drugs. Alcohol was found to be the overall most dangerous drug.


Source:  “Scoring drugs”, The Economist, data from “Drug harms in the UK: a multi-criteria decision analysis”, by David Nutt, Leslie King and Lawrence Phillips, on behalf of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs. The Lancet. 2010

Alcohol Treatment in Virginia: The Key to Success

Admitting one needs help is a big step to a better life free of drugs and alcohol.  An even bigger step is to accept the help and actually take action and commit to some form of treatment.  Whether it be an In- Patient Treatment Facility or perhaps an Intensive Outpatient Program or IOP.  In an IOP program a client typically attends group therapy for three hours a day and four times a week.  The sessions are most likely in the evening hours.  Lastly, they should get at least one time a week of individual therapy.   Such a commitment is the key to stopping the cycle of addiction.

So when the next time your loved one says they want help, keep in mind that time is of the essence.  Support that person to take action as soon as possible before they and your family slip back into the deep, dark despairs of active addiction.

Alcohol Treatment in Virginia: The Key to Success
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