Although their practice doesn’t specifically treat addiction, one local general therapy group posted some tips for Managing Holiday Stress at Family Gatherings, which really translate well to those who have addictive tendencies. Their top 5:

1. Get support or buffers from family

2. Ask if alcohol will be served – and whether you feel it should be.

3. Help out.

4. Seek out friends or ways to volunteer.

5. Take time for really good self-care


This post underscores the importance of everyone being aware of their psychological and physical well – being. Moderation is key, but avoidance is better for those with impulse control issues. The suggestion to avoid places with alcohol, for those who it who have a problem controlling intake, at events that may be high-stress is becoming more and more a normal bit of wisdom in our society.


I would have made it a top 3 for two reasons. Getting in on the “action” – and finding a way to help – is also great advice. So good, it really encompasses two of their top (3 & 4). The other point is take care of your self – make time to distress, and get support, which is really the first and last point (1 & 5).

Great Holiday Stress Management Post
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