Guided Meditation as a Way to Relax

A Relaxation Exercise using Guided Imagery can be beneficial to those in recovery.  Guided Imagery or Visualization Relaxation is an effective way to clear the mind and allow the body to relax.  Not only is it a great way to unwind at the end of the day but it allows a person to take a few moments to themselves.  Give it a try and add it to your toolbox to help you in your recovery!

So, the ideal way for a person to begin this exercise is to be in an area with minimal distractions.  Next, the person should be in a supportive chair or lying down on their back.  During the activity your mind might wonder off but that’s okay.  If this happens, in a non-judgmental way just notice that it has wondered off and bring it back to the activity.  Then the person should focus on their breathing.  Breath in through the nose, out through the mouth or in whatever way is comfortable for you.

At this point in time, either through a video or CD, a trained person will guide you through the visual meditation. Again, it is important to focus on your breathing and notice your diaphragm rising and falling.  He or she might ask a client to notice any tension or tightness in their body.  Then imagine that when he or she breaths out the next time that the tension or tightness is released.  Many times there might be light instrumental music playing to help with the calming effect.

Guided Meditation as a Way to Relax, calm

Guided Meditation as a Way to Relax. Imagine your favorite place!


Relax and Take it Easy!

Sometimes, the instructor may ask you to imagine that you are at the beach or other relaxing spot.  He or she will ask you to use all of your senses to hear, see, feel, tough, taste and smell an environment like the beach. So, seeing the ocean, hearing the calm rhythm of the waves, smelling the sea air, etc.  Just noticing everything in your surroundings and appreciating the sense of peace that you might be experiencing.  Toward the end of the exercise they may ask you to take the feeling of gratitude with you as you make your journey back to the present.  Then when you are ready they will ask you to think about the room you are in and open your eyes.

Some people use Guided Meditation to start their day or to ground themselves to bring a sense of inner peace when they are experiencing discomfort.  Others use it at night as a way to cue the body to slow down and calm down.  So give it a shot and you will be amazed by this technique!


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