Most addicts think that they are only harming themselves with their addiction.  Unfortunately, this way of thinking is very shortsighted, as not only are they hurting themselves, but their addiction directly impacts the lives of their family and friends.  Moreover, they could be harming their unborn child.  It is very likely that if an expectant mother is drinking alcohol in excess, using a street drug or other prescribed opiate, that their child may have medical consequences as a result of their drug use.  One recent article discusses how alcohol affects newborns and the harm it can cause.

Educating expectant families about the dangers of abusing alcohol and/or drugs is a must for a healthy pregnancy and the health and wellness of the child on the way.  It is of vital importance to educate alcoholics and drug users about the complications alcohol or a drug habit can have during the nine months of gestation.  Getting help with an addiction may prevent so many unnecessary casualties of this disease.  Treatment at a rehabilitation center, twelve step program, therapist or a clergy member will provide the education and support needed to fight this terrible affliction.

Hanover Rehabilitation Center Can Help You Treat Your Addiction!

Unfortunately, one former patient did not get assistance with her addiction until it was too late.  Her child was born with severe withdrawal symptoms as a direct result from the mother’s heroin use.  The guilt and shame this mother felt as she watched her baby struggle was tough to observe.   But, it was a direct result of what happens when drugs take over someone’s life. Fortunately, she did eventually seek treatment and long-term therapy.  She is now clean and has worked through all of the emotional pain that her drug addiction caused her.  Moreover, she now has developed the skills needed to care for her child and be a loving mother.

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The consequences of an addiction on the unborn can be devastating!


For an addict or alcoholic to think that they are only harming themselves is not realistic.  So, whether it is an unborn child or another loved one, addiction affects more than the user.   The former patient checked herself into a treatment center because she could not get a handle on her drug addiction.  She finally admitted that she needed help. Because she checked herself into a 30-day inpatient program, she was able to start healing physically and emotionally.  What are you willing to do to prevent this disease from spreading? Get help before it’s too late!





Hanover Rehabilitation Center and the Toll Addiction Takes on the Unborn
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