Whether you are in early or long term recovery life can get very challenging at times.  Get Help for Gambling Addiction:  Learn the tools available in order to work through such difficult times.  Building a solid foundation is the start to preventing a gambling relapse at any point in recovery.   I often hear professionals exclaim, over and over, “No connection…no recovery!” So build a support network.  Whether it’s family, friends, 12 step meetings or a therapist, they will provide comfort when things are going well and when things get tough.

Help for Gambling Addiction, When Times Get Challenging, use tools

Help for Gambling Addiction: What’s in your toolbox to help you prevent a relapse?

One former patient made the effort to develop a support system.  She went to 12 step meetings six days a week.  She got phone numbers of other women in these meetings.  Often they would meet for coffee or a bite to eat.  In addition, she would see a therapist once a week and would regularly talk to her family about her journey in recovery.  The good, the bad and the ugly were all discussed.  This was important because it was reality and not being completely honest could leave her to figure things out on her own.  This is not a good idea as the mind often can lead back to old ways of thinking. The type of thinking that can quickly result in a relapse.  One article discusses the insanity of a gambling addiction.

This same patient began living a spiritual life.  She routinely throughout her day asked a higher power for guidance and to have the strength to do the right thing.  Exercising and eating right were additional tools she utilized.  If she started thinking about drinking she would call someone or think the bet through.  In other words, play the tape forward and think about what would happen if she chose to gamble.

Help for Gambling Addiction: Use Your Tools!

Help for Gambling Addiction is out there and there are so many different tools to prevent a relapse…you just never know when that next shoe lace will break or when a co-worker will become so unreasonable.  Whatever challenges you might face be prepared to fall back on what has worked for so many people.

Help for Gambling Addiction: When Times Get Challenging
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