Alright you now no longer drink, drug, or gamble.  So, what’s there to do in recovery?  Well, dust off that old mitt or bowling ball and get to having fun again.  For anyone in recovery there is nothing like picking up old hobbies or adding new ones to your life.  But, you won’t know this until you give it a shot!  It can make a world of difference to your happiness and at the same time can help reduce stress.

Thus, let’s talk about what some people do to relax and enjoy themselves in this new found sobriety. Dancing…nothing like getting your funk on and grooving to the music.  This could be at a concert or just hanging out with friends.  Music certainly is a great way to lift your spirits!  But, a person in recovery should also pay attention to listening to music that might have lyrics that romanticize drinking or drugging.  This is where a person’s honesty and choice of music and their true desire to remain clean will be evident.  The same thing is true about concerts.  Be sure to always have a sober friend or two with you when attending such events.

Other great hobbies include fishing, knitting, jogging, and writing.  These are also forms of meditation and a way to appreciate getting something done or just spending time enjoying quiet moments.  Some people enjoy giving back to the community by volunteering or organizing fundraiser events.  A recent article discusses a scientific view of the benefits of hobbies to one’s overall health.  So, getting involved in any activity is helpful and can play a pivotal role in relapse prevention.

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You can create beautiful things with a hobby!

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