Holistic Alcohol Treatment Centers and Using Art as Mindfulness.

Art is a way to use non verbal communication and find meaning in one’s life’s.  Mindfulness is being aware of ourselves and our environment without judging.  By utilizing art as a form of mindfulness an addict can have better insight into what s going on in his or her life.  Many times a therapist will ask a client to draw what an addicts addiction looks like.  This is a great way for an addict to begin a conversation in therapy and make progress towards recovery.

There are two core features to mindfulness.  The first is describing and noticing the fine details of what we are observing.  so for example when a person uses art they would describe maybe a feeling of anger.  A person could do this by drawing this feeling as fire, destruction or however they see appropriate.  Many times addicts have a sense of feeling sad or depressed.  The description using art could be portrayed as a scene of gloom, sludge or carrying around such a heavy burden.  Whatever the case may be it is important not to judge or ask oneself why am I feeling like this. Feelings are just feelings and do not require any explanation.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment Centers and Using Art as Mindfulness,be present

Holistic Alcohol Treatment Centers and Using Art as Mindfulness. This wave could be your addiction.

The other core feature of mindfulness is allowing oneself to fully participate in the experience of what he or she is feeling.  The key here is to engage all of your senses and for the person to make no attempt to evaluate the experience.  Furthermore, it will be necessary for the person not to say a feeling is right or wrong.  He or she should be kind, gentle and accept one’s experience.  Finally, the person should recognize that feelings are natural responses to something and one should learn to acknowledge their feelings without judgement.

Using Art as Mindfulness and Better Understanding Your Emotions.

A recent article discusses how addicts initial use can often arise to relieve negative feelings.  Also , this is often the case when it comes to addicts who relapse.  So using art as a mindfulness can certainly be used as a tool to learning about one’s emotions.  This along with other supports will help the addict work through life’s challenges.  Then,  he or she have a chance to be on the road to long term recovery.



Holistic Alcohol Treatment Centers and Using Art as Mindfulness
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