Having the following different therapies plus real time sharing of clinical notes allows a synergy to compress treatment. Your over 15 hours per week of individual therapy equals much more because using different modalities eases the breakdown of barriers and increases your understanding of yourself.

– An Addiction Psychiatrist/ Clinical Director
Having a full time addiction psychiatrist, who also does individual treatment, allows one to have the benefit of the diagnosis of co-existing psychiatric disorders and appropriate pharmacotherapy.

– Psychodynamic Psychotherapist/Trauma Therapist
The therapist helps the patient get to primary problem that has contributed to their addiction. With the aid of all therapists sharing information the synergy allows staff and clients to understand the problem/problems in the shortest possible time.

– Peer Support Counselor
Having someone who has walked the steps of the addict and has found recovery gives hope and insight. Seeing that recovery is possible allows an individual to get on the right road for themselves.

– Addiction Therapy
The therapists educate the patients about their addiction and help them cope with life without escape to their addiction.

– Art Therapy
Art therapy is employed to help the individual uncover causes of their addiction. Our art therapist, who has 20 years of experience in the field. Your art and , acknowledged tests the therapist interprets for the individual.

– Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy is used to help with abstinence both short and long term. Hypnosis helps to reduce barriers so that the individual can explore conflicts that he has suppressed for many years.

– The Family Program
A family program is suggested after the second week of treatment. This allows the family to begin to understand the addiction, their own issues and how the entire family best support their loved one.

– Body/Personal Trainer
An exercise program is designed for you, a proper diet of nutritious meals prepared by our award winning chef, nutritional education, massage and yoga all aid in your recovery.

How Our Therapy Works
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