How Therapy Can Help a Person

Many people might wonder what is therapy all about?  They may think that a therapist is going to take any bad feelings away that they may be experiencing.  Well, this is not the case with therapy.  It can’t change feelings but therapy can help change thoughts and behaviors.  Furthermore,  for people in recovery therapy can help prevent a relapse from occurring.

So, if a person can learn to manage their thoughts and behaviors then his or her feelings will get better.  Also, a person’s relationships will improve.  For example, it a person grew up in a home where his or her father was always putting them down, then the person might lack self confidence.  Let’s think of this as an analogy of a pair of glasses.  Glasses can help a person see things clear or tinted.  When they are clear we see things better.  But when tinted it is difficult to see things.

For the Recovering Addict Therapy Can Help Prevent a Relapse!

In the example where the person is put down by a parent, they may not be seeing the whole picture.  For instance, the parent might have told the child that they are bad or worthless.  But, it is important to dispute such abusive words.  A person could think about the fact that his or her coach thinks they are awesome or that their mother and siblings love them.  Moreover, wouldn’t a parent sit down and have a caring conversation if the child had done something wrong?  This is a way to dispute irrational thoughts.  Therapists will help clients see this.  A recent article shows how long term treatment will help those struggling with addiction.

How Therapy Can Help a Person, feelings,thoughts, behaviors

How Therapy Can Help a Person. During most therapy sessions these days you will be sitting in a comfortable chair and not lying on a couch!

If we could put a microphone up to an addictive addict’s brain we would hear all sorts of assumptions and crazy thoughts.  Therapy can help a person see the facts that are happening.  It can change thought patterns and behaviors that often occur with such thoughts.  Then the person’s feelings will improve. For the recovering addict there will be less of a chance for relapsing!



How Therapy Can Help a Person
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