How to Deal with a Gambling Addict:   Let’s talk about some helpful tips of what to do and not to do.  The first key idea is to educate yourself about the warning signs that you may be experiencing with your loved one.  Does your loved one talk about gambling a lot?  Does he or she always seem to have financial struggles despite having a decent income?  Is he or she secretive about finances?  Do they lie or become irritated easily?  Do they plan vacations or day trips around gambling establishments?  These are some of the signs to look for and if you answered yes to a few of these questions then it’s likely your family member or friend has a gambling problem.

Now you have a bit of an understanding of what a potential gambling addict looks like.  What to do next can be very tricky.  First you may want to start with explaining how their gambling affects you.  Also, lending money to this person is not helpful.  Let them look themselves in the eye and recognize the problem.  Learn some of the treatment options and ways to help your loved one.  Be supportive and try to focus on the positive attributes of your loved one.  By all means do not lecture them.  Be there and have a plan for when they are ready to accept help.

How to deal with a gambling addict, tips, education

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How to Deal with a Gambling Addict: Tips

One article discusses how a gambling addict is so similar to an alcoholic or drug addict.  Compulsive gambling is a disease and should be treated as such.  It affects the mind, body and spirit of the individual.  Moreover, it has dramatic effects on family and friends.  So how to deal with a gambling addict is a complex issue.  This is why it is so critical to educate yourself on the disease of addiction and to have people in your life that can support you in these trying times.




How to Deal with a Gambling Addict: Tips
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