How to Quit Gambling for Good and Rebuild Trust.

Many times compulsive gamblers have a difficult time rebuilding trust once they stop gambling.  For so long, they have lied to their families and friends to cover up their addiction.  But, by making some changes they will be able to gain back that trust, in time, once again.

How to Quit Gambling for Good and Rebuild Trust, recovery

How to Quit Gambling for Good and Rebuild Trust. It does take time to rebuild trust but when you do it’s a beautiful thing!

One former patient had every excuse in the world to hide his addiction.  He would say he was running late either because of traffic, he had to go back to the office because he forgot a document, or that he helped someone change a flat tire.  Now that he is no longer gambling he had to find a way to become credible again.  Moreover, he had to want to get help and make some changes.   A recent article discusses the how gambling addictions are easy to hide and how there is help for those who want to stop.

Rebuilding Trust Takes Time!

So, how does an addict become trustworthy again?  First and foremost, do not gamble and attend either Gamblers Anonymous or some other support group regularly. Then another way is to be specific about things rather than being wishy-washy.  For example, if a person is running late because of traffic then they need to be specific about it.  They can do this by giving details such as there is a traffic accident on I 95 exit 10, and a traffic trailer truck fell on its side.

Here is another example of giving more information.  A person might say that he or she is running late because they have to work late.  In this instance the person can be more specific by saying that they are running late because they are working on payroll with Tom and Jane.  The new way of communicating with loved ones will give them a little more peace of mind.  But remember there still might be some doubt in their minds.  It will take time and practice before they will completely trust you again.  But don’t give up because it will happen in time as long as you are living a gamble free life!


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