“I am a Gambling Addict” are tough words to say for anyone.  But you could avoid jail for the last time if you can admit you have a problem with gambling.  Admitting this and seeking treatment can help you.  One former patient served a lot of jail time during his gambling days.  Now he has been living as a non gambler for over 15 years and he has never been in trouble with the police during that time.  He is finally “free” of this disease!  His life has finally improved.

For this addict, getting arrested was the most humiliating consequence of his gambling.  The first time he was arrested, it was for a forged check to subsidize his gambling addiction.  His next arrest came because he stole cash from his employer, again, this was to help fuel his gambling addiction.  Shortly thereafter he would spiral into a tailspin.  He made poor choices in order to try to fix his financial woes. Unfortunately, he would then spend more time locked away in jail.  He never really put it together that every time he got put in jail it was a direct result of his addiction.  He always chalked it up to bad luck and it was never his fault.  What would change for him in order to get better?  He would finally wake up to the reality of his gambling addiction.

I am a Gambling Addict, help me avoid jail,

Alcatraz Prison was once the home to so many addicts.


“I am a Gambling Addict!” These are Tough Words for a Person to Utter

He was bitter because the jail time experiences always put him in more financial binds and increased the thoughts of gambling.  One might think jail would put an end to his gambling career.  But it just wasn’t the case for him and so many others.  A recent story explains the epidemic of  an addiction and how arresting people will not cure them. So what cured this addict?  He finally could utter these words, “I am a Gambling Addict.”  Then he got the treatment he needed to finally “arrest” or stop his gambling.  His life would improve.

Now he can now travel the roads free of worry of being pulled over for another crime.   He now is very conscious of the choices he makes and thinks rationally.  By doing this he thus avoids anything that would be cause for arrest.  He attends Gamblers Anonymous meetings regularly,  he has a sponsor and he is working the steps. This hard work will ensure a better life for him.  He will reap the benefits of no longer gambling!

I am a Gambling Addict: Help me Avoid Jail
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