“I Need Help with Gambling” is what this former gambler told his wife.  If he hadn’t uttered those words his addiction might have cost him his life.  Unfortunately for so many compulsive gamblers, suicide seems like the only solution to their addiction.

For so long she did not know what the problem was with their marriage.   Her husband was increasingly moody and secretive.   An affair or drugs were the first few things that came to mind.  She also thought it might be her.  Maybe he just did not love her anymore.

Gambling and its’ effects take a toll on everyone involved.  The addict is obsessed with their addiction.  The financial troubles can quickly escalate.  Lying becomes second nature.  So it is very understandable for others to notice changes.  A person just isn’t the same once they cross that line into addiction.

A recent article discusses the progression of a gambling habit and how depressing it can be.  The hopelessness that one feels is devastating and can lead to irrational thoughts.  This is why it is necessary in so many cases to get professional help.

I Need Help with Gambling:, quit

I Need Help with Gambling. Addiction ruins marriages!

The words “I need help with gambling” were certainly refreshing words to hear for his wife.  She now had a better understanding for the changes she had noticed in her husband.  Yet, a new challenge would test their marriage.  Dealing with a gambling addiction and its’ effects takes hard work on all involved.  Moreover, building back that trust would take time.  But before long she noticed her husband was starting to return to the man she met before he crossed the line into a gambling addiction.

I Need Help with Gambling…Please Help Me!

After several discussions with her husband about his disease she learned how serious it was.  She had no idea that the man she loved had thoughts of taking his life.  That is the nature of compulsive gambling.  It destroys the human spirit.  His wife is forever grateful that her husband admitted he needed help and decided to seek treatment.  Their marriage is now back on track and has improved in so many ways!







I Need Help with Gambling. It’s Life or Death
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