In Patient Drug Rehab Virginia:  Crossing the line and becoming an addict can happen to anybody.  While in a fit of rage this 17 year old, on the suggestion of a friend, took a pain medicine called Vicodin to “relax”.  Very soon after taking two pills his anger had subsided and was now replaced with a feeling of euphoria.  A recent article points out how easily someone can form a drug addiction.  Sadly it may take only one prescription of pain pills to start the cycle of addiction.

In Patient Drug Rehab Virginia:,pill addiction

In Patient Drug Rehab Virginia: A pain pill addiction.

The next morning he woke up feeling still a bit groggy from his first “experiment” with narcotics.  He could not believe how a few pills could make him feel so at ease.  Later that evening he tried it again and got the same effect. This time it wasn’t to cover up anger, it was just to get that feeling of peace that he had experienced the previous night.  But there was an immediate problem that he had not thought of.  The prescription was not his, he was taking it from his sister who recently had her wisdom teeth removed.  Will she notice a few pills were missing?  He then had a moment of clarity and decided he wouldn’t do that again.

One week later he figured he would check out the bottle of pills and see if any were left.  He noticed it seemed that his sister had not been using the pain medicine at all, as the pill bottle was nearly full.  This, in his mind, gave him the green light to to take a few more.  He didn’t give it a second thought despite resolving himself to never doing it again just a week earlier.  Next he preceded to remove the pill bottle and keep it in his room.  No one noticed or said anything about the missing bottle.  He now had a new “friend” and began to rely upon that “friend” to enhance his state of well being.

In Patient Drug Rehab Virginia: Crossing the Line

Before long the bottle was empty and he found himself looking through his parent’s and friend’s medicine cabinets searching for pain pills.  He succeeded in finding more pills.  He had certainly crossed that line into addiction.  In Patient Drug Rehab Virginia was his the key to breaking the cycle of addiction some nine years later. A simple small experiment turned into a long battle of abuse and dependency.  Crossing the line happened quickly for this young man and can happen to anyone in a blink of an eye.

In Patient Drug Rehab Virginia: Crossing the Line
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