In Patient Substance Abuse Treatment Virginia:  Warning signs of relapse are important factors to learn while in treatment and if you learn them you will prevent another trip back to a treatment center.  It is often recommended that once an individual leaves treatment he or she should does certain things to stay clean.  Attending 12 step meetings, getting a sponsor, seeing a therapist and creating a spiritual life are some of the suggestions.  Doing these things will help the person be more self aware and develop a new way of living.  A relapse will also be less likely.

In Patient Substance Abuse Treatment Virginia: Lessons Learned

One of the main reasons people relapse is because they cut back or stopped doing the things that people recommended to do to maintain sobriety.  This is certainly a warning sign that someone is in danger of drinking or drugging. Other warning signs might be a little more subtle.  Some of which might be stress due to home, work, or financial worries. Others could be overworking, lack of sleep, difficulty concentrating, or irritability.  Having such symptoms can be uncomfortable for the addict and can push them in the direction of escaping these feelings.  Isolation and loneliness are other signs that someone can be on the verge of a relapse.  It is often said that the worst place to be for an addict is alone in his or her own’s head.  This is why an addict will need the help of others.

In Patient Substance Abuse Treatment Virginia, Signs of Relapse, be aware

Loneliness! In Patient Substance Abuse Treatment Virginia: One of the signs of a Potential Relapse.

Additionally when a person is becoming more and more self centered this is a sign that there might be a problem.  So often recovering addicts will say get out of self and into others.  In other words in order to stay sober it is important that you help others and give away what one has learned.  A recent article points out that changing old habits is the key to sobriety and how it is a journey with others along your side that will help in this process.  No one can do this alone.  Be mindful of yourself and you will be prepared to take on the warning signs of a potential relapse.  You will not regret it!  Your life is surely to stay


In Patient Substance Abuse Treatment Virginia: Signs of Relapse
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