Inpatient Gambling Addiction Treatment.  A Success Story

It was 10AM when this former gambler was walking around the casino like a zombie.  He had been awake for more than 48 hours.   Also, he hadn’t eaten during this time.  He drank coffee after coffee and smoked nearly three packs of cigarettes.  By this time he was down nearly $2000.00.  He walked over to one slot machine and on the first spin he won $1500.00.  Almost breaking even.

While waiting for the slot attendant to come over to pay out the winnings he started playing the machine right next to him.  He soon won $400.00.  It seemed like his luck was changing.  His thoughts were now he has a chance to go home almost breaking even.  But this nagging feeling inside and the rush of energy he had gotten from those wins told him to keep playing.  Perhaps he could go home with $500.00 or more.  He now had more money to gamble with.

Slowly but surely he started to lose what he had recently won.  He couldn’t believe what he had done.  In a panic he kept playing thinking he was going to hit the big one again.  It just didn’t happen and he found himself headed back to the ATM because he had gambled away $1900.00 in a matter of six hours.  One recent article discusses how compulsive gambling can happen to the best of us.

Inpatient Gambling Addiction Treatment: A Success Story,help

Inpatient Gambling Addiction Treatment: A Success Story. Get Help Before Your Life Becomes a Train Wreck!

Inpatient Gambling Addiction Treatment Helped This Man Recover!

This type of compulsive gambling demonstrates the insanity of this disease.  He drove home in a fog the next morning beating himself up once again after losing so much money.  This time he was determined to get help.  Two days later he entered an Inpatient Gambling Addiction Treatment Center in Hanover, Virginia.

After 28 days he learned what he could do to stop gambling for good!  The intensive therapy as well as the introduction to Gamblers Anonymous gave him some hope that he could stop and that things would be okay.  Now it has been over eight years since he placed a bet of any kind.  He has paid back his debts and is now saving more for his retirement.   He is very content and rarely thinks about gambling.  The obsession to gamble has been lifted!



Inpatient Gambling Addiction Treatment. A Success Story
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