Thirty day (inpatient) treatment programs are for drug addicts or alcoholics.  Many people think entering these programs will cure them.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  Recovery is a life long process. Committing to a program is a great start to that process and is often needed.  Many people try to quit on their own by attending an outpatient program, 12 step meetings or therapy.  But having so much freedom can lead them right back to their addiction.   That is why an inpatient program can be the answer for those who have had such failed attempts.

One advantage of an inpatient program is that it takes the person out of their active addiction environment.  So, for a period of time, the patient can focus solely on their addiction.  Patients also have the benefit of around the clock help. Mental health professions are always there to assist.  They often will have access to doctors, psychiatrists and nurses. All of these professionals work together to address a patient’s needs.  A recent article discusses one way to approach addiction.

In some facilities they will have a professional chef who prepares meals.  Patients will learn about healthy living. They will have time to exercise and meditate. They will learn ways to cope with life.  Group and individual therapy will teach skills to avoid a relapse.  The importance of attending 12 step meetings and developing a plan for after treatment will be a main focus.

Recovery is a Life-Long Process.

How to learn to live a clean and sober life is the name of the game when you seek treatment. As mentioned earlier it is a life long process to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol.  So if you are fortunate enough to recognize a problem and get help before something tragic happens you are on your way to a better life!

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