Is My Teen Abusing Drugs?

One of the scariest things for a parent is to find out that their child is using drugs or alcohol.  The fact is that many young people experiment with these substances at some point in their lives.  But when a child begins to abuse these substances it can be very overwhelming for family and friends.  So, it is important to know some of the signs that your son or daughter is abusing drugs.

One former patient discussed some of his life changes that occurred when he was a teen and began to abuse alcohol and drugs.  One of the signs was that he could not control his anger.  He would “fly off the handle” very easily and punch holes in the walls or break things.  Another sign was a change in attitude towards everything.  For instance, he starting disrespecting teachers at school, his parents and other authority figures in his life.  He would regularly raise his voice and swear at adults and his siblings, for that matter.  Many people often notice appearance changes in young teens who are abusing drugs.  This former patient started wearing tied eye clothing, ripped jeans and he grew his hair out.

Is My Teen Abusing Drugs, signs

Is My Teen Abusing Drugs. It could be a life or death situation!

Other signs, included stealing money and medication, as well as lying about who he was spending time with.  In addition, instead of coming straight home from school he would say that he was at the study hall doing homework while he waited for his basketball practice to start later in the day.  One of the biggest signs for him was his grades started dropping in school dramatically.  A recent article discusses other signs that a teen is abusing drugs and how to approach the matter.

If You Have Concerns about Your Teen, Voice them in a Non Confrontational Way!

Many times these signs could be attributed to other things going on in a teen’s life.  But the important thing is that if you start noticing dramatic changes in your son or daughter, have a conversation about your concerns.  As the article suggests do this in a non confrontational way and hopefully your teen will open up to you.  Finally, always keep the line of communication open as you never know when your child will need your help. If your teen admits to abusing drugs or alcohol contact a medical professional.  It could save your child’s life!


Is My Teen Abusing Drugs
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