Sometimes people have a trauma in their lives and the next day their addiction starts.  For most people, it’s kind of gradual.  It’s starts with experimentation or social and then it picks up momentum.  Eventually, it goes off the cliff. Now, he or she does not have any brakes and they can’t stop it.  Then, it’s got them.  So, one way to look at this is we have our first drink or our first joint and we get a bump from it.  It feels good and we come back down and then we have another.  The person might think, wow that felt great.  But, the person gets a hangover and that doesn’t feel so good.

So, then we get this thing called tolerance and the person uses more but they are not getting additional effects. Their hangovers are feeling worse.  This is called the law of diminishing returns.  For instance, two drinks used to do it but doesn’t do it anymore. Four drinks do it now, eventually it’s going to take eight and then eight doesn’t do it anymore.  Therefore, the person needs ten just to get started.  Long story short it’s starts looking like this:  The person starts experiencing withdrawal and one of the main reasons he or she uses is just to feel normal again.  That is the momentum of addiction!

The Momentum of Addiction-Dave Rogers
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