There are probably several Myths about Treatment for Compulsive Gambling.  The biggest culprit is that once the patient leaves the facility he or she will never gamble again.  This is far from the truth and the reality is that treatment is just one step towards living a gamble free life.

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An ancient myth depicted as we discuss modern day Myths about Treatment for Compulsive Gambling

A recent article discusses the insanity of a gambling addict and what one man was willing to do to help pay off one of his debts.  It has been said that gambling is a physical, mental and emotional disease.  Treatment Centers are not going to be able to “fix” these in a two to four week period.   But they will certainly give you the tools to improve these defects.  The bottom line is that it will take time and support to get back to living a healthy gamble free life. Interestingly, another myth is that willpower is all you need to stop gambling. Remember this is a threefold disease and willpower alone is not the answer. Many successful recovering addicts use 12 step meetings as a support; others use their church, or family and friends.  The key point here is that no one can beat this disease alone!

Myths about Treatment for Compulsive Gambling. Educate yourself!

Another tall tale about treatment is that in order to seek help you must be unable to hold down a job.  In addition, that you must gamble every day.  Moreover, that you ought to lose every last penny you have or that you have to bet on everything.  Some of the things one might want to think about are does gambling detract you from doing things you had planned to do?  Do you spend more money than you intended to spend? Do you attempt to cover losses by gambling more, or have you lied about your gambling?  These are all critical questions to ask oneself.

Finally, the last myth we will discuss is that once a person stops gambling their life will be so boring.  Again, this just isn’t the case. Many recovering gambling addicts find that they now have the energy to do more.  There was so much planning and scheming while they were in their active addiction that they rarely accomplished what they had set out to do.  Not to mention the idea of being so obsessed and distracted about figuring out how much money they lost.  Then how to fix so many financial woes.  The myths we discussed about treatment for compulsive gambling are just a few examples. But, educating people about some of the myths is a real big step towards a solution for so many of us.

Myths about Treatment for Compulsive Gambling
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