Naloxone is a medication that can reverse an overdose from opiates.  It is an injection or nasal spray medication that needs to be administered as soon as possible after a person has an opiate overdose.  Many people see this medication as a “cure” to the heroin epidemic in our country.  Yet, it does have its setbacks.  In fact, some people believe that it might even give addicts the idea that they can use drugs safely.

So, let’s discuss the benefits to have this drug available.  If a person has taken a near fatal shot of heroin or other opiate, this antidote can change the harmful effects of these dangerous drugs.  In short, it can save lives!  If you know someone who is abusing opiates, then having Naloxone available can give you a little peace of mind. A recent article discusses how one city is making this drug easier to get. One other positive thing about this medication is that it doesn’t get someone “high”.  Moreover, it is not addictive at all.

If No One is Around to Administer the Medicine Then They Cannot be Helped.

But what are some of the downsides to having this medicine? Well, some addicts think that they will be able to continue their drug habit and nothing bad will ever happen to them.  So, they may take more risks believing they are invincible.  Furthermore, if no one is around to administer the medicine then they cannot be helped.  Also, even if someone is around, they may not be able to find them in time or might not be able to gain access to them. Often, addicts lock themselves in a room or inadvertently block entrances to where they are.

As discussed, there are two sides to this life saving medication. There could be some concern that using Naloxone could give the addict the impression that they can keep using with impunity.   In other words, that they will always be saved.  But, keep in mind that by having it, some addicts now will have a chance to recover and stay clean.


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