Check out this great rap and listen to the lyrics of this former gambler, now over sixteen years clean, sober and living gamble free!  I promise you won’t be able to get this beat out of your head…it’s that good!

Gamblin Man Rap- Billy Hoffman


“You were bettin’ on the two but the eight came in.

Looking for an ace ’cause the ten can’t win.

Sittin’ online, haven’t slept for days.

Lettin’ that bookie treat you like a slave.

I was there, I was down feelin ‘just like you.

When I listen to your story well I hate you too…

That was me long ago.  I was dyin’ of thirst and you better believe that I hated me first.

Lyin, ‘cheatin’, weepin’…eyes wide open because I was not sleepin’

Chippin’ on my brain I was goin’ off the deep end…feelin’ like a loner ’cause I didn’t have a good friend.

So, ya say you wanna’ stop because your life gone south, better listen to the truth learn to shut your mouth.

If you really wanna’ win put the damn cards down!  Feel the beat of your heart ’cause it’s a glorious sound!

When You Gonna Stop?


Non-Gambler…Gamblin Man Rap- Billy H.
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