Williamsville Wellness has made it possible to treat compulsive gambling through an intensive outpatient program ONLINE. FROM HOME.

Treat your gambling problem online with intensive individual therapy, without having to leave your job or family behind!

Here’s a sneak peak into the program:


The Critical Phase

So first, let’s look at the recovery side of this chart and let’s begin in the critical phase. Honest desire for help.

Once and for all, you are convinced that you can’t do it alone. You need some help. You’ve already tried it over and over again.

How many times, truly? Think about it. How many times did you try to quit gambling and gambling addiction on your own?

Well, by the time we get to this point, many times I’m sure. I know in my case, it was hundreds of times. Never could quite do it on my own.

So I need to have an honest desire for help. Willing to reach out to other people in this critical phase. People who could help me especially. Support and support groups.

Get Realistic!

Next you’ll become more realistic. You will actually stop gambling. Finally. It’s about time, right?

We have to stop to get better. There is no halfway or just a little bit way to do this. We have to stop gambling. That will help us get rid of the shame and the guilt because of all the lying that we do when we’re actively gambling.

And that will make us hopeful. We’ll start to look to the future, a time where we don’t have to worry about all of these things that have piled up that made us so depressed and helpless and hopeless.

And we’re going to do this work a day at a time. Not a week at a time, or two months at a time, or jump into five years from now. We have to take it slow. We didn’t get here overnight. So if you want to remain hopeful, it’s important that we slow down.

Through working with others, I will become a better decision maker. No more impulsive, grandiose, crazy talk. I’ll talk with other people. Get some solutions before I run out and impulsively do things.

Whether it’s planting a garden or paying off my gambling debt. And this will lead to more responsible thinking.

Believe it or not, it will feel good to feel responsible. We know for a fact that avoiding responsibility is one of the big downfalls in gambling addiction. Avoiding responsibility at all cost.

Only focused on money and getting money, and not paying attention to bills, family, all of that. Imagine your first thought being, “How can I handle this situation responsibly?”

The Rebuilding Phase

Next we move into the rebuilding phase. This is where we work with someone to develop a budget, and we begin paying bills.

Now, I say that you’ll begin paying bills. I am not saying that you will have control of all your money. It’s a very good idea in early gambling addiction recovery to not have a lot of money, and to allow someone to help you with financial matters. But you should be a part of it.

So paying bills, looking at the debt, assessing the situation and figuring out how everything can get done.

Now it’s important to know … You might be familiar with this business term. In sales often they talk about under promise and over deliver. Unfortunately, for compulsive gamblers, we often over promise and under deliver. It’s important when you decide the debts that you’re going to pay back and how much you’re going to pay, that you don’t overdo it.

Smaller payments over a long period of time are far better than trying to bulk out large payments and put yourself in a financial bind.

Remember, you still have to have money to live. And yes, you made a mess. But the only way to clean it up is slowly but surely.


To learn more about Williamsville’s Smart IOP Online program, Check HERE.

Online Compulsive Gambling Treatment
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