ABC News 8 interview our very own- Bob Cabaniss, on the new legalization of sports gambling.

The Supreme Court Legalizing sports betting is seen as a big win for gamblers, but it’s a big concern for people working with gambling addicts.

SCOTUS on Monday voted 6-3 for states to allow gambling on sports across the nation, striking down a federal law that barred betting on football, basketball, baseball and other sports in most states.

Bob Speaks Up for Gambling Addiction

“It’s going to explode a lot because the people who haven’t done it will start doing it,” said Bob Cabaniss, the Founder and CEO of the Williamsville Wellness Center, which specializes in sports gambling addiction.

Cabaniss says the ruling opens the door for more people to bet, and “a certain percentage of those will become addicted.”

“There’s always a game on, so the opportunities to gamble creates a cycle.

“You have this illusion, delusion, that you’re going to win,” he explained. “You blame it on something- the guy fumbled.”

Cabaniss says a lot of the betting right now is happening illegally online. He sees the potential for people to stick to gambling on the web.

“When you make it legal, you’re going to make it explode in the amount wagered,” he said.

Moving forward, Cabaniss says the pressure is on for our state leaders to come up with a plan to regulate the new gambling industry.

It’s already on the mind of the governor. In a statement to 8News, Governor Ralph Northam’s office says “They are reviewing the ruling and if the general assembly takes up legislation, we’d review that as well.”

Cabaniss suggests the state or another entity, like Virginia Lottery, regulates and oversees sports betting by creating a website for people to track their gambling.

“You can track it, and you help the people who end up with a problem,” he added.

Then, for the people who end up developing an addiction, he thinks the state should supply an online therapy resource for them.

“The goal is, is to catch them before they fall,” Cabaniss said. ”
-ABC News 8

Williamsville Wellness Center is launching our own online counseling resource specifically for people struggling with gambling addiction.

Online Gambling Addiction Counseling Resource
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