Williamsville Wellness is pleased to announce that SmartIOP, LLC has been licensed as the first online IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) for substance abuse treatment in the State of Virginia. IOPs are part of the care for addicts, traditionally recommended before a 30-day rehabilitaiton program, or just after to support sobriety as someone re-engages with their usual life. The concept is sound, and the results are good, but outside of population centers, IOPs often cannot be supported.

So, how can an online program help an alcoholic or an addict? SmartIOP requires patients to watch a total of 72 hours of education or exercises with another person, including 10 case management / therapy sessions. We strongly believe that participating with another person fosters the development of a sober support network.  The advantage of an online IOP is the people participating are part of a patient’s support system, so these are people who will remain in a patients life long after treatment ends.

The educational videos are based on a curriculum of 24 three-hour modules used by Williamsville Wellness, vetted by multiple PhDs, each of whom has 20-40 years experience in addiction recorery.  The modules from which the videos are taken provide carefully selected, empirically validated information and skills to the participants. Furthermore, the videos also benefit those helping the person in their recovery. Educational exercises such as communication skills or visualizing an addiction are also techniques that have been developed at Williamsville, using a clinical staff of a dozen therapists collaborating on the best way to educate and strengthen the immediate support system around a patient.

Addicts Can Now Get Help Through an Online IOP, smartIOP

Addicts Can Now Get Help Through an Online IOP. Patients are encouraged to take notes when watching the educational videos.

In addition to the video modules,  clients will have ten individual sessions, which is far more than most IOPs in Virginia and nationally.  The sessions are done through a secure video chat which is HIPAA compliant. Clients will have a minimum of four sessions done with a licensed therapist.  Other sessions may be with individual case managers.

Another great feature of SmartIOP is that the individual will have a Smart Sponsor, someone inside of a patient’s life to help with accountability and the development of healthy habits. They will ensure that the client is watching the videos and they will monitor the person’s sobriety.  The Smart Sponsor may use a breathalyzer or drug swab to make sure the person is sober.  In addition, the client may be asked in an individual session to submit such testing.  The results of the test can be seen and recorded through the individual video session. The value of a Smart Sponsor in an online IOP cannot be understated – this is a physical person present with the patient.

Lastly, clients are also expected to go to one twelve step meeting a week.  They will gain additional support by attending these meetings.  Again, our goal is to help clients connect to people in recovery.  This connection gives the person a greater chance at remaining sober.

The curriculum and approach of SmartIOP were developed at Williamsville Wellness.  The treatment center has a long history of outstanding, effective, evidence-based substance abuse treatment.  Our programs have rates of successful completion well above the national average and relapse rates well below the national average. The program is committed to providing clients the skills needed for a successful recovery and lifelong sobriety. Therefore, if you or someone you know needs treatment then please contact us at 804.559.9959.  We are here 24 hours a day to help you or your loved one!

Stop Using and Start Living – Use an Online IOP to support your recovery

So, do you work odd hours or live in a rural part of the country where there are no treatment centers? Well, Williamsville Wellness can help you get the treatment you need through the smartIOP.  A recent article discusses how the founder, Bob Cabaniss, of Smart IOP would love to help thousands of more patients who do not have access to treatment.

Technology has come a long way and it is a great way to reach people who do not have access to treatment.  Many residents live long distances from traditional IOPs. The format that SmartIOP provides will offer an opportunity for people to receive high quality care to those for whom distance is a challenge.  Moreover, our program will provide treatment to all whose schedules may present barriers to participation in traditional IOPs.

Just like Williamsville Wellness, SmartIOP will work to help as many people as possible to get and stay sober.  So stop using and start living! Please call 804.559.9959 or go online to SmartIOP.com for more information regarding our new program.







VA’s First Online IOP
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