So, now that you are no longer drinking it’s time to start living again.  A part of living for many is becoming a better parent.  Many times, parents in active addiction tend to promise to do things with their children and have great intentions to do this.  But, as it so often goes, one’s addiction takes precedence.  Therefore, because he or she is too drunk/high or too tired the children’s’ needs are not fully met.  Everything from spending time with them to having the proper discipline strategy.  Therefore, sobriety is now a chance for the parent to re-polish their parenting skills.

But, how do a parent and child get back on the right track?  Well, first, a conversation might the first task at hand. It does though depend on the age of the children.  For younger children, a conversation may not be necessary. You can just start being more attentive to your child’s needs. However, talking about expectations is a wonderful way to start if you choose to have a talk.  Without getting into details, the parent could convey to the child that he or she has made some health changes and would like to be a better parent.  With older children, an open conversation about addiction might be the way to go.  Along with this, mapping out a plan of communication and expectations will be helpful.

Next, it is important for the parent to live up to their new way of parenting.  This will ensure that their words match their actions.  Children need that consistency and this will go a long way for them to live up to their part.  For more tips check out one article which provides a lot of great ideas for any parent.  Good luck and remember stay the course and things will work out!



Becoming a Better Parent in Recovery, tips

Becoming a Better Parent in Recovery. Remember there’s always room for improvement!

Becoming a Better Parent in Recovery
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