Back in the day, a junkie was someone who was not kept, maybe homeless or looking years beyond their age.  Today, there is a new type of junkie who is well-polished both physically and mentally.  Society might not be able to spot this person in a million years.  They are high school/college students, doctors, lawyers and yes even teachers.  So, why is it that these folks are running under the radar?  Well, when someone is a drug addict the last thing in the world they want is to be discovered.  Therefore, he or she will do anything to keep their addiction a secret.

For the addict, the planning and thinking that goes into a drug habit is extremely detailed.  For instance, if a person has an important meeting to attend at work then he or she may curb the amount of drugs they ingest in order to be at the top of their game.  This is very common. Yet, the moment the person gets a chance to fully indulge into their drug of choice they will do just that.  It’s like the old saying, “when the coast is clear….”

Of course, not all addicts can wait to do something safely without being seen or noticed.  In these instances, the addict may skip the meeting or be one step ahead by starting off by saying that they are under the weather, that they are on medication from their doctor.  Also, it would not be out of the norm for an addict to create some elaborate lie.  I have heard of a client saying they had been up for days because their child ran away from home and this was not the case.  It was just a story to cover their addiction.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its’ Cover!

Other ways to hide a person’s addiction might be wearing long sleeves, using eye drops or by not saying a whole lot. Some addicts go as far as lying that they have laryngitis.  Another way is to “dress the part”.  Who would expect a drug addict to be well kept? That’s why we have the saying, “don’t judge a book by its’ cover”.

At any rate, it just doesn’t matter what your background is.  Addiction affects all walks of life.  A recent article discusses this idea but also talks about how one addict is willing to go to any lengths to stay clean.  So, addiction is not always easy to see.  But, if we are aware that it does impact all realms of society then we can be more helpful to those in need.

The Well-Polished Junkie, hide

The Well-Polished Junkie. You just never know who might have a problem.

The Well-Polished Junkie
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