Seeing your spouse suffer from a gambling problem can be very painful, especially if it’s beginning to affect you and the children. There are steps you can take to protect the family from the situation and convince your husband or wife to seek gambling addiction treatment.

Pathological gambling can lead to negative consequences that will not only affect your spouse’s well-being. Your husband or wife’s habit can drain your family savings and take his or her attention away from the children when more time is spent at the casino.

But that’s not all. The frustration brought about by gambling problems can also lead to domestic violence. Problem gamblers can take their frustrations out on the spouse, or become the victim of the spouse once he or she has gotten fed up with the situation. Children too can become physically and emotionally abused when problem gambling is left uncontrolled. The result is a broken home that is difficult, or impossible, to heal.

Rather than succumb to these negative consequences, you can do the following actions to steer the situation towards a positive change. The first step you can take is to start keeping track of how much money is being spent and owed. This doesn’t mean shouldering whatever debt that has been accumulated, which only encourages your spouse to continue gambling. Instead, this helps you protect your finances from being squandered and prevent debts from piling up.

Securing bank accounts and other assets will help limit access to the money your spouse will need to continue his or her habit. Until the situation improves, you must only provide him or her with enough money for daily necessities.

If there is a high risk of physical or emotional abuse, such as when your spouse becomes an alcoholic on top of having a gambling problem, you may have to move away with the children. When you confront your spouse about this, stay calm and avoid blaming him or her for your decision. Instead, talk about how the situation is affecting you and the family, and how going through gambling addiction treatment can set things right. Be very supportive, but if your spouse continues to deny the problem, you have to stay firm with your decision.

A specialist can provide advice on what you can do to convince your spouse that help is needed. Call Williamsville Wellness today at 877-559-9355 and let us help you and your spouse take the right steps.

Protecting Yourself and Helping Loved Ones Seek Gambling Addiction Treatment
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