Compulsive Gamblers can ban themselves from entering casinos to gamble.  Is this an effective way to quit gambling for good?  Well, this is a tough question to answer.  It may be a great tool if a person is willing to do some other things along with self-exclusive.  But, there are no guarantees unless the gambler agrees to get some form of treatment.  Treatment could be inpatient, seeing a therapist or attending Gamblers Anonymous meetings.

How does a person ban themselves from the casino?  One might think that you just make a phone call and everything will be taken care of.  Only if it were just that easy.  But, unfortunately the process is more complex than that.  Now, it is important to realize that because a person bans themselves from one casino doesn’t mean it counts for all casinos.  So, many gamblers will have to go through the process with several establishments.  First, it is imperative that you bring a supportive friend with you while making this big step.  The process usually involves going to the casino administration office, signing a form, giving them a copy of your driver’s license and getting your picture taken.

Bring a Supportive Friend with You While Making This Big Step!

Then, there are choices for how long you can ban yourself from entering a casino.  It could be 1-5 years or a lifetime ban.  A lifetime self exclusion is really the way to go.  One article shows that self banning from casinos is increasing.  This is certainly an indication that the casinos are causing a lot of problems for gamblers.  And if you think you have problems a recent article shows what could happens if you win after self banning.

So, the next step for you is to continue with some form of treatment program.  Willpower can only take you so far. There really needs to be changes from within and any type of support that encourages not gambling and becoming a better person will help you along the way.

Quit Gambling for Good and Self-Exclusion from Casinos, gambling recovery

Quit Gambling for Good and exclude yourself from Casinos.


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