If you are new to recovery you might be wondering how can you be content without, drinking, drugging or gambling. Often this is the reason why people do not get help in the first place.  They just cannot imagine stopping their addiction and feeling contentment.  So, I am here to tell you that there is hope and there are millions in recovery who now live outstanding lives because they quit their addiction.  Moreover, Attitude is Everything in Recovery!

Connection and Recovery…You Can’t Have One Without the Other.

Laugh more often!  There was a real character in recovery, known for standing up in meetings, facing the crowd with a big smile on his face and saying, “I love everyone, but there’s always one son of a gun I love the least!”  Everyone would laugh.  Tension was relieved, newcomers felt more comfortable and the laughter created a feeling of unity.  The man’s name was Wish and he was friendly and welcoming to everyone.  In Wish’s eyes, it did not matter what you looked like, where you came from or what you had to say.  He was always a bright light with a great sense of humor.  He connected with people and that connection is what makes recovery meaningful.


There are many sayings in the recovery community and one you’ll hear often is to “have an attitude of gratitude”.  Be grateful for what you have and for the opportunity to live sober and clean.  Helping others, whether they are newcomers to sobriety or in your day-to-day relationships with family and neighbors will add to a more balanced and content state of being.  A recent article discusses the benefits of a great attitude.  Therefore, remember there is no problem that will get better or be solved by using or gambling.  You have the power to change and it all starts with attitude!


Attitude is Everything in Recovery
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