Are you seeing red when you drink?  You just might be!  A recent article discusses the very disturbing reason why people turn red when they drink alcohol.  There is a scientific reason for when this happens.  It could get you to stop drinking or it could kill you.  So, decide for yourself how you are going to handle this fiery situation.

Are You Seeing Red, alcohol

Are You Seeing Red? It could be a sign of a serious problem when you drink!

Okay, so in the dead of winter you head out to the bar with some friends.  You throw back a few drinks and all of the sudden your face starts appearing flushed.  Mind you it is not sunny or eighty degrees outside.  What in the world is going on with your body when this happens?  Most people don’t give it a lot of thought.  Well let’s enlighten you on this phenomenon.

It Could Get You to Stop Drinking or it Could Kill You!

The article cited earlier also stresses that “noticeable flushing on the face, neck and sometimes shoulders, can be a real danger signal.  Alcohol flush reaction usually occurs in people who are unable to break down acetaldehyde, the first metabolite of alcohol. The condition is more common in women and East Asians (it is sometimes called Asian flush). It is attributed to a genetic change that makes a less functional version of the enzyme responsible for breaking down acetaldehyde. As a result, acetaldehyde builds up in the body.”

According to the same article “a recent study found that the “flushers” who drank more than four drinks a week had more than double the risk of hypertension, compared with men who didn’t drink.  The condition may have positive and negative effects on health; it has been shown that people with alcohol flush reaction are at increased risk for esophageal cancer if they drink alcohol. On the other hand, some studies have suggested that rates of alcoholism are lower in countries where more people have the genetic variation, possibly because of the negative side effects they experience when drinking.”


Are You Seeing Red?
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