Rehab Center Virginia and How to Stop the Negative Self-Talk.

When a person goes throughout his or her day the mind has thousands of thoughts.  For people in recovery or anyone in general these thoughts can be overwhelming.  Many times we might experience negative self-talk. Moreover, we tend to be our own worst critic when it comes to thinking about life’s daily occurrences.  But if we can be mindful of our negative self-talk we can change the way we view our experiences.

So, let’s give an example of how to mange our negative self talk.  For instance, you ask a girl to go out to dinner with you and she says no.  In this circumstance a person might feel sad for being rejected.  Feeling sad is the primary emotion.  Then all of that negative self-talk comes into play.  The individual might say to himself, “I can’t believe I cared about that person or I am an idiot for asking her out in the first place! ”  When this thought pattern begins there will be secondary emotions that occur.  The person might start to feel embarrassed or frustrated for feeling sad.  At this point in time it is important for the person to be compassionate and non judgmental with himself about feeling that primary emotion of sadness.  Then he needs to learn to cool all of that self-talk that leads to those secondary emotions.

Being Mindful is a Useful Tool for Anyone in Recovery!

When a person can learn to be aware of thought patterns it is the first line of defense to stopping such self-talk.  In other words be mindful when your mind starts to race or wander.  If thoughts come into your head just notice them and let them go.  We cannot force thoughts out but we can watch them mindfully.  One analogy is that when a group of birds fly by we don’t grab each bird and stick it in our pocket.  We see the group and let them go.  So, if we can be willing to notice our thoughts and let them go it will be a step in the right direction.  Then we will have a better chance to stop any negative thoughts that come into our minds.  A recent article highlights the benefits of mindfulness.

Rehab Center Virginia and Negative Self-Talk, mindfulness

Rehab Center Virginia and Negative Self-Talk. Calm your thoughts and appreciate the moments of solitude!

Being mindful is a great way to stay in the moment.  This is also a useful tool for anyone in recovery. It can help a person change their attitudes and appreciate each moment whether it is good or bad.  Give it a shot and learn how to focus on what you are really experiencing.







Rehab Center Virginia and How to Stop Negative Self-Talk
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