Rehab Center Virginia: Group Therapy

In order to recover from a substance abuse problem it is necessary for a person to take action steps to avoid continued use.  So it will take hard work for a drug addict to maintain a drug free life.  Willpower will not be the way to long term sobriety.  The chances of that happening are slim to none.  But there are several ways to be successful, all of which involve the need to interact with others.  Many addicts need in patient treatment whiles other attend an intensive out patient program.  One might choose attending Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous meetings.  Others might opt to have individual therapy or group therapy.

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Rehab Center Virginia: Group Therapy Helps Many Drug Addicts to Remain Clean and Sober!

The value of attending a formal group therapy session on a regular basis should not be overlooked.  Group therapy is a place where addicts can improve their daily living skills.  The group will be lead by a licensed therapist in this setting.  But often during these sessions the clients of the group are the ones who help each.  For instance, a client might have a problem and ask the group for feedback.  Some of the members might have experienced something similar and will share how they got through the situation.  Importantly other members will be able to point out things that the individual just can’t see themselves.  One analogy of this is others “seeing the apple on your head”.

Rehab Center Virginia: Group Therapy Works!

Group therapy can also focus on a specific topic.  For example, members might be asked to name “triggers” and the techniques they use to not drink or drug.  Other topics could include discussing a time when they were anger, sad or guilty about something.  Finally, gratitude is a great topic to discuss.  While there are many more categories to highlight, the point is people can learn from each other and support one another.  One recent article points out the epidemic of narcotic drugs in our country.  It goes on to say that our society needs to provide drug addicts more treatment options.  Group therapy is one way to address this problem.  Addicts have used this tool successfully for a number of years!

Rehab Center Virginia: Group Therapy
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