Rehab Facilities in Virginia: Addiction is a Lonely Disease

In the beginning, drinking was most likely a social event.  Many people drank with their family or friends.  Then at some point a “social” or “recreational” user crosses the line.  They become addicted and before long they are using by themselves.

At this point an addict starts living a double life.  They might start lying about drinking or using drugs.  They lie about where they have been or sometimes admit they were using but he or she minimizes the extent of the usage. The moderation in front of others can be a way to “prove” that they have things under control.

But in the mind of an addict he or she realizes that they have a problem.  One former patient discussed how he would drive an back home from his dealer and try to figure out how to fix spending so much money.   He would try to think out a solution to his money troubles.  He would worry about what to do when the drugs were gone.  Additionally, he really never seriously considered stopping as a solution.

Rehab Facilities in Virginia: Get Help Now and End Such a Lonely Existence!

A recent article touches on isolation and how it impacts those suffering from an addiction.  Only an addict understands the loneliness of this disease.  A person might not even be using and is spending time with loved ones. But at the same time is unable to be mentally present during these activities.  Often the addict is constantly thinking about drugs or trying to solve their financial woes as a result of their secret addiction.

So, in order to get better an addict or alcoholic will need help.  Just like some of our heroes rose to stardom, they didn’t do it alone.  For instance, the professional actor had coaches, teachers, family, friends, etc. to help them become successful.  We all need support along the way and stopping an addiction is no different.  Support will lesson your burdens and end the feeling of always being alone.

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Rehab Facilities in Virginia: Addiction is a Lonely Disease!



Rehab Facilities in Virginia: Addiction is a Lonely Disease
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