Fellowship is what this former patient learned by attending 12 step meetings. As a part of treatment, patients would be transported two times a week to attend 12 step recovery meetings.  So, by arriving early for the meetings it gave patients time to grab coffee and some cookies.  Yes, free coffee and cookies with a bit of socializing too. This helped them feel very welcomed. The 12 step meeting on this particular day was Gamblers Anonymous (GA).  It was a fellowship that had only one purpose; to help other gamblers stop their addiction.  Moreover, she learned this through Rehab Facilities Richmond Virginia.

This 27 year old self-admitted compulsive gambler desperately wanted to quit.  One article discusses how abstinence is the key to maintaining sobriety.  The rehab facility recommended she continue going to these meetings after she finished treatment.  So, she took their advice.  Soon she realized that people were there to help her and truly wanted nothing in return.

She attended meetings day after day.  Before long, people knew her name and she learned a few herself.  One day she arrived early to the meeting.  She was having an awful day and one woman noticed something was wrong. So, they went outside and sat on a street bench to talk.  She began to talk about her day.  Immediately she noticed that the woman listening had true care and concern for her.  She felt like the woman really understood her and she did not experience with her family and friends.

Rehab Facilities Richmond Virginia and Learning about Fellowship

After a long talk they exchanged phone numbers.  The woman told her to call anytime, day or night.  They had a common interest which was to live a sober life.  That is what a 12 step program is all about.  It’s a feeling of being connected to the people in the meetings to fulfill a common goal.  This fellowship helped make living sober become a new joy in this former patient’s life.

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Rehab Facilities Richmond Virginia: Getting help is the key to maintaining sobriety.

Rehab Facilities Richmond Virginia and Fellowship
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