It doesn’t matter what sex, race, creed, or religion you are.  The disease of addiction couldn’t care less whether you are rich, poor, old or young.  Addiction does not discriminate!  It is estimated that in the United States, somewhere around 10 – 15% of the population is considered to have an “addictive” personality  So, if you are struggling with an addiction, don’t play the blame game.  Addiction may occur in some people when they continue to abuse alcohol or drugs.  In the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous there is a saying, “alcoholism affects everyone from Yale to jail!”

Narcotics Anonymous states if you are an addict, having one pill or puff is too many and a thousand is never enough.  So, if you have the disease of addiction, then there is no cure for it; fortunately, however, it is treatable.  One recent article discusses how drug addiction can happen to anyone.  Families across our country often don’t know much about the disease of addiction.  The parents of one former patient wondered where they had “gone wrong” with their daughter.  She was brought up in a loving home; she was well educated and healthy. They just could not grasp the idea that their daughter had become an addict. That family is not alone – oftentimes addiction in the family is uncharted territory.

It helps to understand that no one in the family is at fault.  A child could also come from a broken home and become an addict just as easily.  Basically, there is no specific profile of the type of person “most likely” to become an addict.  No matter where or how a child is raised, all have the potential to lead a successful life. It really depends on how each person chooses to handle whatever life brings to them by establishing healthy coping skills and forming healthy relationships in their life’s journey

The Disease of Addiction Can Happen to Anyone!

Therefore, if you are an addict accepting the idea that you cannot safely handle one drink or drug is the key to living a successful life.  Because once an addict uses all bets are off and the person will often end up in jail, institutions or possibly death.  Those are the likely outcomes for any addict who chooses to drink or drug.  The beautiful thing about recovery is that we come from all walks of life and we can learn so much from each other.  Find yourself a recovery support system and live the dream!

Addiction Does Not Discriminate, addiction

Rehab Virginia and How Addiction Does Not Discriminate. We are a melting pot community!


Rehab Virginia and How Addiction Does Not Discriminate
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