Rehabs in Virginia: Treatment with Kindness

Seeking treatment is a big step for anyone with an alcohol or drug problem.  Getting compassionate help can make a world of difference for someone in recovery.  One former patient discussed her experiences with two treatment centers.

The first facility was very impersonal and took a hard line approach to recovery.  This philosophy turned her off and led to a relapse soon after finishing the program.  Nine months later she entered Williamsville Wellness in Hanover, Virginia and had a completely different experience.

At Williamsville Wellness she was treated with kindness and respect.  This started as she walked through the door as she was greeted by the director.  She explained what would happen during the first day and the coming days ahead with her treatment.  The director then walked her down to the intake nurse who took a great deal of time getting to know her.  This is not what she experienced the first time in treatment.  Much to the contrary as she had no idea what to expect that first day.

Rehabs in Virginia: Williamsville Wellness Shows Compassion!

In the first rehab she met with a counselor only a few times a week.  But at Williamsville Wellness she had four individual therapy sessions per day!  She attended small group therapy sessions unlike the big lecture halls of her first rehab.  The combination of this type of treatment along with the kindness and caring of the treatment team helped her be more positive about her recovery.  One article discusses the benefits of kindness when treating patients.

The benefits of a smaller treatment center allowed her to work on her various needs.  She was able to address these and work on an exit plan to continue her sobriety.  She also developed friendships in the smaller group sessions.  In the larger treatment setting she felt more like a number than a person.  Rehabs in Virginia vary throughout the state.  So choosing one that can best meet your needs is critical.  Finding one that uses kindness along with developing a plan for recovery is even more critical.

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Rehabs in Virginia: Smaller groups allow for more bonding between people!

Rehabs in Virginia: Treatment with Kindness
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