Residential Treatment Centers Richmond VA:  Feeling Healthy

After years of use and abuse this former patient felt very unhealthy mentally and physically.  But getting help was the key to feeling better.  While in active addiction she experienced many ailments.  She regularly did not sleep, eat or exercise.  This way of living certainly led to the decline of her well being.  Not to mention putting all that alcohol and drugs into her body.  Residential treatment gave her body and mind a chance to recover from this lifestyle.

One recent article describes mental health and its importance when treating addiction.  It seems that an addict has a hard time recognizing the fact that using is a health hazard.  The good news for this former patient was that two weeks into treatment she starting feeling so much better physically.  The drugs were out of her system and now she was beginning to sleep through the night.  Her appetite came back just after a few days.  In the past she would spend a great deal of time in bed.  Now in a regular routine her days began at 6:00 am and ended at 9:00 pm.  These were productive days in treatment focusing on learning about her addition, how to stop it, and lots of family therapy. Moreover, she learned how to express her emotions and communicate her thoughts in a “healthy” way.

Residential Treatment Centers Richmond VA Can Help You Live Healthy Again!

She took advantage of the tools taught in treatment.  When her mind would race she would either talk to someone or write down her thoughts.  A little reading or a warm glass of milk would help her fall asleep.  She ate three well balanced meals a day and drank plenty of water.  These were all healthy ways to feeling good again.

Residential Treatment Centers Richmond VA,feeling healthy,living healthy

Eating your way to a healthier life.

She not only kept this up while in rehab but continued this after leaving.  She did not want to ever return to any residential treatment centers Richmond VA.  Now she has maintained a sober/drug free life for over two years and feels great both physically and mentally!



Residential Treatment Centers Richmond VA: Feeling Healthy
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