Too often  people will hear about someone who has entered treatment for a gambling addiction.  Most people would say they had no idea.   There were no signs of a gambling addiction.  But if we look close at it there were certainly signs along the way.

For a compulsive gambler it takes a lot of energy to hide a gambling addiction.  Often times a person might minimize their losses.  Despite losing big time, they put on a front saying that they broke even or lost a bit.  They may still have money to prove it wasn’t that bad.  In many instances a gambler will have withdrawn hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  So what they show as not being that bad, in reality, is devastating to that person on the inside.

Signs of a Gambling Addiction,what to look for,signs

Signs of a Gambling Addiction: Gambling has a long history in our country.


Lying is a big part of an addiction.  Making up stories as to why they were late or why they need to borrow money are a few of them.  Regular absenteeism from work when he or she used to be a reliable employee is another sign.  Failed efforts to quit or cut back and a preoccupation with gambling are other road signs.  But some are not always so obvious. For example, relationship problems, irritability or mood swings.  Becoming less sociable is still another.  These can often be attributed to something else.

One recent article points out the prevalence of gambling in our country and some of the other signs an addict might experience.  If you have a loved one suffering from some of these symptoms you are not alone.

Signs of a Gambling Addiction: What to Look for!

It can be a very humiliating experience for a compulsive gambler.  Admitting that there is a problem is the start to alleviating the signs of a gambling addiction.  For the loved one it can bring so much relief and knowing that there is help gives many a feeling of hope.




Signs of a Gambling Addiction: What to Look for!
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