How common is it for a woman in or close to retirement to become a gambling addict?  More common than one might realize.  It is unfortunate but women who might have lost a spouse or all of the sudden have lots of free time can easily become prey to gambling.  For those who have lost savings and retirement from a gambling addiction don’t lose hope.  It happens and people do recover from these loses.

Her’s how a gambling habit might start.   While adjusting to a new phase in life and trying to fill in free time a friend invites you to a casino.  Why not?  You have savings and it’s something fun to try out.  What could be better?  Good food, good company and the excitement of the slots.  So, you take your friend up on the offer and what a night you have.  You might have even won a little money.  But, the thrill of seeing other people win a jackpot also gives you the idea that it could happen to you too.

The Casinos Might Even Be Offering You “Free” Slot Bonuses to Lure You Back!

Now that a person has a taste of what could be, they are surely ready to go back again.  Maybe you go with a friend again or perhaps you decide to go by yourself out of boredom.  Once again, the sounds, sights of those ever so tempting slot machines fire up something within you.  A sort of adrenaline rush that maybe you haven’t felt in years. This can be very addictive and before long it’s becoming a common occurrence.  The casinos might even be offering you “free” slot bonuses to lure you back.  The sad thing is that the more money you spend the higher these “free” offers get.  A recent article discusses how casinos try to get women hooked by giving them such offers.  In addition, the article discusses women who have experienced compulsive gambling, lost nearly everything, yet did recover to live happily without gambling.

So, if you are in a new phase of your life, be sure to have balance and connect with people regularly.  This will keep you on a path to living a healthy and prosperous life!

Women In or Close to Retirement Who Gamble, casinos

Slot Addiction and Women In or Close to Retirement Who Gamble. Casinos often prey on the vulnerable.