Attending twelve step meetings after an inpatient treatment stint is one of the keys to relapse prevention.  It is highly suggested that once leaving treatment the addict should attend ninety meetings in ninety days.  Moreover, having a sponsor will be one of the biggest components to living a happy, clean and sober life.  This is what one person learned after alcohol rehab in Virginia.

An article recently pointed out the awful struggles of addiction and the amount of turmoil it has had on our society.  The good news is that our society has recognized that there is hope to ending such struggles.

So, what is all the hype about the importance of sponsorship in a 12-step program?  What is a sponsor?   A sponsor is a person who has long term recovery and helps the newcomer by answering questions about the 12-step recovery process.  In other words they guide that person through the 12 steps and listen to their struggles of living clean/sober. Moreover, providing insights and solutions to the addicts’ life challenges through their own experience.
Now that we know the basics of what a sponsor does it is time to discuss how someone picks a sponsor.  By attending step meetings on a regular basis one will develop a support system and inevitably find someone special whom they look up to or admire.  This particular person should be living a healthy and responsible life. So, it is important to think carefully about whom you want to ask. Additionally, a sponsor is someone who you would not become romantically interested in.  The next step is to just simply ask the person if they would be willing to be your sponsor.

Someone new in recovery experiences much confusion and frustrating periods in early recovery.  That’s just a fact!  A sponsor will greatly support you and guide you through these moments.  As one gets through these struggles without picking up a drink or drug they can sponsor others and share their experience, strength and hope.


Sponsorship and Helping after Alcohol Rehab in Virginia,help

Sponsorship and Helping after Alcohol Rehab in Virginia

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Sponsorship and Helping after Alcohol Rehab in Virginia
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